Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Pool Liners always offer informative, helpful and friendly advice to all our customers and future clients. We endeavour to give you the correct information and advice on your project. Here is a list of the most asked questions, if you can’t not find the information you are after feel free to contact us.

There are a number of reasons why your pool may have a liner:

  • The construction method may determine if your pool needs a liner if it is a modular, precast or formed pool it will need a liner. Some of these pools are Pool Fab, Pioneer, Tracey Wickam, Gibraltar, Albatross, Exotic and Cascade Pools there are many more but they are the main ones.
  • The pool could have structural cracks and a pool liner was installed to waterproof the pool.
  • When the pool was constructed a smooth, maintenance free interior was chosen.

No, Due to construction methods of your pool a vinyl liner is you only choice . ridged surfaces will crack causing leaks.

Average pool liners will last 12 to 15 years. We have seen functioning liners over 25 years old.

Yes most cases you can. Pool liners can be made to any size and shape.

Yes, We can construct steps and the liner tailored made to suit.

Yes a 12v LED pool lighting system with many colours options can be installed.

No our company specialises in in-ground pools.

No we don’t, we quote and do the job ourselves

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